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Archived Page - Information is not current


Please note: this is a work in progress.  We are open to feedback and input from friends and prospective members.

DRAFT financial/membership proposal

AV has 7 spots for members
Farmhouse/yurt property - 5
Straw property - 2


Ahimsa's expenses are shared equally by members and provisional members. The equation is total number of residents divided by total monthly costs. At full capacity this figures out to apx. $300/each. Food and utility costs are an additional expense to this equation. Covering these expenses are at the discretion of individual members sharing a residence.

Provisional members and regular members share equally in the expenses of AVC. Currently that figure is $300/month per space. Food and utilities are separate costs and are shared by the members occupying a property.

There is a 6-month provisional membership period, during this period provisional members can participate in all activities of the community but cannot block consensus.

After 6-month period, provisional member and current member decide if they want to become a member or not.

Full member agrees to pay $10,000 to a community development fund.

Work requirement:
Members are required to work 9/hrs per week. Work is defined as any projects/tasks that have been decided upon by the membership.

Community decisions are made based on consensus.


Ahimsa Village Community
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