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SunflowersAhimsa is an evolving vegan homestead and education center located near State College, PA. We seek to build a more peaceful and sustainable world through our living example and through education about the importance of a vegan diet, the benefits of veganic gardening, and empowering others along the path to making the transition. Our current activities focus on home-based food production including vegetables, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, and maple syrup. We are happy to host visitors, give tours, and work with small groups to host educational workshops centered on vegan living and eating. Please email us at robertkf at

Village News

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Visit our vegan homesteading blog.

Upcoming Event - Building a Life in Harmony with Nature: A Friendly Evening at a Forest and Veganic Garden. Join us in exploring and gathering on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 starting at 4 pm at the Ahimsa homestead in Julian, PA for a program of nature immersion, education, and great vegan food.  A big thanks to Claire Holzner, Mercedes Howard, Kelle Kersten, and Kathy Pollard for organizing this event.  Complete details here.

Veganic Gardening Workshop - Kelle and Bob conducted a veganic gardening workshop on a new vegan homestead near Ithaca, NY on August 13, 2016.  Details here.

Will Tuttle Talks - we were delighted to host Dr. Will Tuttle and Madeline Tuttle for two inspirational talks in our area on June 13, 2016 (O-An Zendo, Julian, PA) and June 14 (University Mennonite, State College, PA).  Thanks to all who helped make the events a big success!

Vegan Book Discussion Group.  In the fall of 2015 we started a vegan book discussion group that met for about 2 years.  The group is currently not meeting. If you are interested reviving the group please contact Kelle at magicjubilee at

Central PA Vegans - vegan potluck group meets several times a year in members' homes in and around State College. We always have great conversation, great vegan food and often an educational program about veganism. If interested please join our group.

A Guide to Vegan Nutrition by George Eisman (revised and republished edition now available) - George and Claire are good friends and supporters of Ahimsa Village.  They have recently revised and updated George's invaluable book on vegan nutrition. Details here.

World Peace Diet Group Facilitation - The World Peace Diet (a book written by Will Tuttle) takes a comprehensive look at the impact of our eating choices on ourselves, animals, and the planet. Kelle Kersten is a trained WPD facilitator/trainer.  Contact her at magicjubilee @ if you have questions, are interested in starting a WPD group, or would like her to facilitate a group. Read Kelle's Amazon review to learn more about the book.

Compassion Club Book Now Available - Kelle's book based on the research she did for her Master's in Humane Education degree is now available.  The book's title is "Compassion Club: Nurturing the Compassion of High School Girls Through Activism."  The book is a handbook for establishing Compassion Club, an after-school club for high school girls that will nurture their compassion through active involvement in meaningful environmental, animal rights, and/or human rights issues.  Click here to order book via Amazon.

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New: Building a Life in Harmony with Nature, August 2, 2017

Vegan Book Group - email magicjubilee at to inquire

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