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Want to get involved at Ahimsa???? Consider participating in one of the following projects:

  • Central PA Raw Vegans - Monthly raw vegan potlucks, contact robertkf at gmail . com if you'd like added to the email list.

  • Summer camp - offered 1-day per week during the summer.  We are always seeking people to share their knowledge, skills, experiences with the children.  The focus of the camp is on reconnecting young people with the natural world.  Learn more.

  • Mushroom cooperative - we grow shitake, maitake, and other mushrooms on oak logs sustainably harvested on the land.

  • Maple sugaring - we have a small mapling operation with neighbors.  Joining requires a capital investment in the equipment and sharing in the labor of producing syrup.

  • Gardens - we have many organic gardens, you are welcomed to help with the gardening in exchange for produce.

  • Orchard - we recently planted a permaculture orchard of diverse woody plants, we are seeking people interested in helping maintain the orchard in exchange for produce.  Maintenance includes mowing, mulching, pruning, weeding, etc.

  • Trail maintenance - there are a network of trails on the Ahimsa land and bordering School of Living land.  Individuals, groups, or organizations are encouraged to adopt a trail.

  • Saturday Night Meetings - the Ahimsa Education Committee sponsors a series of Sustainability Talks each Winter at the farmhouse.  The talks feature local people talking about an issue they are passionate about.  We are always seeking speakers and/or topics.  Consider volunteering.

  • NVC Circle - one of the goals of Ahimsa is relearning more effective and compassionate communication patterns.  In that light, Ahimsa has sponsored Nonviolent Communication workshops and circles.

  • Meditation group - we occasionally host a meditation circle.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

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